Growing in communion together.

Why Community Groups?

In a world that is rapidly changing and demanding so much from us, it is clear why we often lack meaningful and authentic spirituality. As human beings we long for deep relationships and as followers of Jesus we desire a community that will encourage us in our faith as we encounter a world that is constantly attempting to steal our time and affections.

At Communion Church, spiritual growth and authentic relationships are developed in what we call Community Groups. Here we study the Bible, pray, share a meal, and serve our communities together in meaningful relationships.

What can I expect?

All of our community groups are what we call “sermon-based” groups, meaning the study consists of discussion and reflection related to the previous Sunday sermon. If you have a question or a thought related to the sermon you just heard, community groups are the best place to ask those questions or explore those thoughts further.   

Despite the diversity of our groups you can definitely expect to meet incredible people who love Jesus, desire to follow him more everyday, and want to be a part of an amazing family of believers to share
life with.

The Core Four Elements of Community Groups


Life transformation happens as we grow closer to Jesus thus becoming more Christ-like and Kingdom-minded.


Relationships which grow into true friendships where mutual care and encouragement takes place.


Through study and biblical application to life, supporting one another in prayer, and encouragement for group members to practice spiritual disciplines is how we are formed more into the image of Jesus.


As we become the embodiment of Jesus in the world by incarnating the gospel we reflect the missio Dei (the mission of God) as a uniquely formed people: the Church.

Groups are on break until September, stay tuned.

To find groups that are forming click the link below or send us an email for more information using the provided form.

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